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Here I am again, after a couple of years where I tried to figure out what I want from life. I still don’t really know my goals, but – since I’m one of those blonde and hysteric girls who definitely would kill to have Andy’s job in The Devil Wears Prada, I decided that it might be a good idea to start a fashion blog. Well, it actually was my boyfriend who talked me into it, probably because he can’t stand anymore listening to me talking about high-waist skirts. Or, to say it in a different way, talking me into creating a blog probably was the most selfish things he did for me, and therefore one of the sweetest.
Actually, he didn’t even need to be very persuasive. Maybe I’m the only person on earth who has this impression, but sometimes when I walk around in Paris, I see some people who I find really fascinating. This sudden and purely superficial fascination can be evoked by people’s looks, their posture, their way to walk or – if they have it – their aura. When I see people like this, it is very hard for me to resist the urge to go and see them, tell them that I’m their biggest fan and ask if I could take a picture of them. That would be totally creepy and people would run away from me in horror, thinking that I wanted to sew dresses out of their skin. But if you say “Sorry, excuse me, I just neeed to tell you that you look absolutely fabulous in that outfit! Would you mind if I took a picture? I have a fashion blog, you know, and it would be gorgeous if I can post a picture of you in it.”, people would be all like “OMG, this is fantastic, I will be famous! Of course you can take a picture!”
Well, I should probably stop talking about what motivates me writing this blog, because I fear that I’m doing a very bad job in making you think that I’m not creepy. And since I would love that somebody actually reads this blog, I don’t want my image to become worse than it already is. What I will do instead, is giving you a short prospect of what you can expect from this blog:
Of course, there will be fashion, I will show you different styles, maybe I will also comment on them and tell you what I like and why.
Then, I think I will also share a few places I’ve been to with you. Bars, events, stuff like that. I also think there will be a small section with music, artists and newcomers. But this, places and music will take a little longer to prepare, so for now, it’s just something that I’m planning to do.
Well, I hope you’re all very curious now and as excited as I am – not sexually, but if you are, well then, good for you! I will go now and do some style hunting.

PS: By the way, while writing this first text, I listened to the latest album “Glow” by Jackson And His Computer Band which is great experimental electro music. I really recommend it!
The first title, “Blow” makes me slightly think of Fever Ray‘s music style. So if you like this genre, you should check those bands out.



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