Paris Fashion Week – DEEP SWISS

Finally, Fashion Week has come to Paris and with this great event, which everybody was impatiently awaiting for months, there are also a huge number of other presentations in the fashion world which take place. Yesterday, I had the chance to attend DEEP SWISS, an event which was organized by The University of Art and Design FHNW in Basel and where the creations of their master graduates in fashion design were presented.
I have to admit that this was the very first time for me to go to such an event and honestly, I didn’t really know how to behave.  When I arrived, I felt extremely lonely amongst all the fashion insiders who perfectly knew what was going on. But I just stood in this huge hall divided into two pieces where the different collections where presented before I started wandering around, taking pictures. And I was positively surprised.
When I received the invitation to this event, I thought that I had to expect collections which would be mostly artistic and innovative, but not very wearable, since it’s the typical revolutionary spirit of students which conducts them to create purely artistic things that don’t really match with ordinary needs. But the collections I saw yesterday proved me wrong. There was a beautiful mix of pure lines, geometrical cuts and volume, coupled with a variety of materials and different structures.  And I also loved the colours, which were sometimes cold, sometimes sophisticated, depending on the collection. But before I will bore you to death with an essay about how much I love the combination of lines, patterns, structures and colours, I will show you the pictures from DEEP SWISS right below.

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For further information about the designers, here’s a small link list:

Katharina Andes
Noemi Anna Tina Ceresola & Matthias Waldhart
Miranda Kaloudis