streetlooks – la première

After a few attempts where I didn’t dare to ask people whether they would mind if took a photo of them for my blog, I finally succeeded in overcoming my shyness and took my first pictures. What you see are two different interpretations of a creative and interesting summer look. I really like the combination high-waist skirt, loose top, and hat. It has something very charming and unconventional, it’s feminine and cool.
What I like a lot about the first look is its understatement. I love that there are only a few details, as the accessories, the print on the skirt, the black nail polish and the red lipstick which give this look an interesting twist.
The second look is fascinating for me because it’s such a great mixture of colours and prints. Of course, the main colour here is grey, but the shoes are kind of flashy, which gives a great contrast. I also like the accessories in gold a lot, and of course, the different prints.
And here are the two inspiring and fresh looks, which I find more than worthy to be shared.

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