my personal it-pieces

Writing about huge pullovers made me think about comfortable clothes becoming personal it-pieces. But first, I think I probably should make it clear what exactly the definition of comfortable clothes is to me. First of all, it absolutely does NOT mean every kind of shapeless piece which inexplicably still remains in the darkest corner of your closet and which one would only wear after having gained a lot of weight. Comfortable clothes do not rhyme with fat pants. And comfortable clothes definitely don’t exist to make somebody look sloppy. When it comes to style, one of the worst things that I have witnessed is this transformation that some people go through every day after coming home from work. They would say that they wanted to change into something “more comfortable” meaning some bad taste jumpsuit with funny prints or a pink velour suit which is the reloaded version of the so-called slut stamp. And yes, as you see, this matter definitely concerns mostly women. (Men simply take their pants off after coming home from work.) But in this article I don’t want to write about the style which is typical for the suburban bitch (Dear reader, if you’re wearing a jumpsuit or some pink velour trousers, please be assured that this is nothing personal, it’s just my point of view and you can call me a bitch anytime as well.) This article is dedicated to clothes that make you feel good in any situation. Clothes which are more personal, more authentic than something you just buy because it looks cute. Or, to say it in a different way, clothes which have a history. In my opinion, there are three important steps until a simple t-shirt or whatever piece of clothing becomes a personal it-piece: Firstly, of course, it has to fit well. If you don’t feel completely comfortable in what you wear you won’t wear it often enough to make it a piece that will have its own history one day. This seems so simple, but talking to my friends and family revealed that people mostly dress to look good. Comfort is secondary. As for me, I was never able to understand this oddness and I’m convinced that comfort is one of the most important things to take into account in order to look good. Because what’s the use of being perfectly dressed when you’re pulling a face and twist your mouth because those skinny jeans actually are too tight? Or because this gorgeous dress you just got hold of during the crazy summer sales period actually is too small, but you keep it anyway because it was 300% off and because, if you didn’t keep it, you would feel way too guilty of having kicked all the other girls out of your way? Or this highly elegant outfit in your closet, which is supposed to make you feel like a diva when you go out, but actually, you feel that this kind of look is just not you? There are so many cases I could mention where girls actually hate what they’re wearing, but they do it anyway because they want to be fashionable. And this makes me kind of sad, because fashion should be fun and personal. Clothes are not just there to cover your nudity, of course. In fact, fashion is not about hiding but showing. The way you dress reveals so much of your personality and your actual mood. With the outfit you chose, you can definitely influence the first impression you have on people. Which brings me back at how important it is to privilege comfort while choosing what you wear. People who seem to feel well in their body also seem much more radiant and more likeable than people who stay stiff, pulling funny faces. So please, girls, assume your size. There’s nothing more embarrassing than unconsciously giving a very precise insight into your morphology by wearing too short skirts, or my favourite classics, doing the camel toe, or becoming a victim of “ass eats trousers”.

Secondly, there’s always a special event or memory that is relates to personal it-pieces. Sometimes it’s a t-shirt your boyfriend gives you, and you just keep it, sometimes it’s the sweater you usually wear on cold and rainy Sundays when you stay in all day, watching movies and drinking tea. It’s the fact that those pieces make you think of something or somebody special that makes you wear them more and more often until they finally become your personal it pieces. Which already brings me to my third point: personal it-pieces are the ones that you wear over years and years, even if their material is getting thinner and even if they already have a couple of holes. But the positive feeling they give you is much more important, and so it’s impossible that this feeling disappears just because the colour is totally washed-out. That’s the reason why some pullover, t-shirt, whatever, which only used to be comfortable, suddenly has a very comforting effect which makes you never want to part with it.
The funny thing is, that sometimes, the comfort that such a personal it piece exudes makes you forget how ugly it actually is. As for example, my mum has this velvet pullover and there are very colourful kittens printed on it. It’s the ugliest pullover one can probably imagine, and my mum’s only excuse for having it is the fact that she bought it in the 80s. But still, I like this pullover a lot because she used to wear it on Sundays, or during vacation, or when she stayed at home because I was sick. Therefore, I really don’t care about those awfully flashy kittens and I like that pullover, too.

Of course, I also have some personal it pieces in my closet, and will share the story of how they got this special status. The first one is my Chicks On Speed tank top. It’s very simple, it’s from H&M, and as the name indicates, it was designed by the band Chicks On Speed. I didn’t buy this top because I like the band very much. To be honest, their music doesn’t really correspond to the kind of music I would usually listen to. But everyone who loves everything that is comparable to The Victorian English Gentlemen’s Club and even louder, you should definitely also listen to Chicks On Speed. Anyway, that was just a parenthesis. So I bought this top not because of the band, but because I wanted to buy something from the Fashion Against Aids collection, which H&M launched that year, 2008 to be precise. And I particularly liked how simple this top is. Two eyes, a mouth and a name and that’s all. But the effect it has on me when I’m wearing it is woooouuuhaah! I immediately feel full of energy, excited, euphoric. I’ve never tried Speed in my life, but wearing this top is terrific enough. And so it very quickly became my anti-hangover top.
At the time when I went to university, nobody really dressed up before going out, jeans and t-shirt was the common outfit. Besides, jeans and t-shirt also were the best way to be sure that you wouldn’t care too much if your clothes got ruined, which could easily happen, some of the student parties were rough. There was this one night when I went out wearing my Chicks On Speed top. And I got smashed, not caring that I had confirmed my mum that I would go on a short boat trip with her the morning after. I was still asleep the morning after, when I suddenly heard my phone ring. It was my mum, telling me that the boat would leave one hour earlier than it was scheduled at first, which was around half an hour from when she called me. I, still lying in my bed, looking like a panda with my make-up from the night before still on, highly dehydrated, slightly nauseous, started to panic because I was convinced that I couldn’t make it to the meeting point on time. So I immediately got up, I didn’t even take a shower and I just fixed my make-up very quickly and then I started to run. When I finally arrived at the meeting point, the boat was about to leave and so I took all the forces it needed to forget my terrible hangover and jumped on it in an Indiana Jones-like move. It was epic. And I was only able to do all thanks to my magic and hangover-killing Chicks On Speed top. Later, I even found out that my mum hadn’t even noticed that I was hung over.
When the boat trip was over, I directly went to another party.
Certainly, that day was everything but glamorous, but it truly was legendary. And so I decided that my Chicks On Speed top would never ever leave my closet.

My second personal it piece is a blouse I found in Bangkok. Maybe I should say at first that Bangkok of the most peculiar cities I’ve ever been to. And also one of the smelliest ones. There are many different quarters which all have their own character, from very cultural to very commercial to very sexual. Unfortunately, I just could spend one day and one night in Bangkok. Still, I enjoyed it a lot and I’m still surprised that I didn’t catch a cold. Thinking that I wouldn’t need any long sleeve travelling to South Asia, I was suddenly in a desperate need of a shirt that would protect me from the arctic cold air conditioning in the public transports, shops, restaurants, everywhere. What rescued me was the huge night market which is typical for Bangkok. If you can’t imagine it: a city which counts more than 8 million residents becomes a gigantic market overnight. And I’m sure there’s nothing you can’t get there. As for me, I spent all my time in the part of the market where you could find amazing clothes. And I bought a wonderful blouse which, in my opinion, looks very artistic and which even has a little avant-garde touch. The piece itself is quite simple, but it’s the sleeves that create a wow-effect because of their voluminous shape. And on days when I absolutely have no idea want I want to wear, I just take this blouse and I can be sure that I will look perfect. Besides, it’s so easy to wear: since the sleeves are huge, everything else needs to stay minimalistic. So I barely wear make-up with this blouse and I always pull my hair back. No necklace, some very tiny earrings, skinny jeans, and I’m done. And then, the memory of Thailand that goes with wearing this blouse, I just love it.

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