My makeup routine

I usually don’t write about my morning or beauty routine and also don’t give tips on what kind of products to buy. First, because I’m a student living on a budget, therefore I don’t own stuff from cool brands, at least not as much that would justify writing about it. (Btw, I’m not getting paid by anyone to write about makeup, this is not an ad.) Second, because there are already so many great beauty blogs. And third, because I’m a very lazy person. Which means that most of the time, I just can’t be bothered with makeup and I also really don’t care if the sight of my transparent skin and the well visible rings under my eyes are frightening or even unappealing to impressible fellow beings.

Nevertheless, there are days where I want to be pretty and look as shiny and sparkly as a Disney princess. That’s when I use my magical makeup palette.

However, since I neither want to stress my skin too much nor clog my pores, I usually just accentuate my eyes and maybe my lips. (Of course, Halloween is a total exception of this rule.) I’m a big fan of smokey eyes and for a day makeup, I like to go with light brown tones and highlights. (Sephora has an awesome eye shadow palette that includes very light but also darker tones, it’s the one that I use the most. It’s also my favorite.) Then, as every single women’s magazine pointed out this year, brows are super important since they give structure and can totally change someone’s look. I actually don’t do much with mine. I already like how they’re shaped and never had a professional do them, I just don’t find it necessary for myself. What I do though is brush them into form and depending on the kind of other makeup I’m wearing that day, I’ll maybe fill them out a little (!) with a waterproof brow liner in the same tone.

Another thing I do even when going without makeup is curbing my lashes. You’ve probably heard this over a million times, but lashes that are well-shaped to make you look more awake and they also seem a little longer. Add mascara to that – I usually do like seven layers – and wahou! no need for fake lashes. I also like to draw out the small line under my upper lash line with a black kohl. Gives more depth and makes lashes look endlessly long.

Before I move on to my lips, I put on highlighter. I just loooove highlighter, it immediately makes me look fresh and well-rested and of course, puts some sparkle on my skin. I basically put it everywhere possible without looking like The Tin Man, so on my cheekbones, inner eye thingy (I’m sure there’s a professional term for that, but I’d need to look it up), bridge of the nose and cupid’s bow. On my makeup free days, swapping highlighter for coconut oil or lip balm does the trick as well. You can even use it instead of mascara. (Of course, the effect isn’t the same, but it helps to accentuate a little.) And since I’m totally addicted to lip balm, I always carry one in my bag.

Besides lip balm, I like to wear really dark lipstick. Unfortunately though, it makes my lips look even smaller than they already are – think Kylie Jenner before the procedures she denies. Therefore, I’m not using dark colors too often. (Besides, I somehow manage to have lipstick smeared somewhere else in my face where it doesn’t belong, it’s even worse when I’m wearing colored lip gloss.) This is why I decided to try out a lip plumper. I got mine from Too Faced, it’s called Lip Injection Extreme, and I have to say, it really lives up to the name. Short after applying it, there was a little tingling, nothing bad, more like the sensation that bubbly leaves on your lips. A few seconds later, I could already see that my lips were fuller. After a few days of using the lip plumper regularly, it’s now one of my favorite products. I only wish the effect would last a little longer. (I haven’t timed it, but I think it lasts for around an hour.)

And here you go, this is my complete makeup routine. When I just stick to the simple things and don’t use eye shadow, it only takes like 5 minutes to get ready.