hoodies & skinny jeans

Since it suddenly became all rainy and grey outside, and since summer seems like really far away right now, I noticed that I’m starting falling back in my winter routine, where I clearly show that making me move even one step away from my wonderful heating and my warming tea mug is the most evil act you can do. So as soon as fall is setting in, I start protecting myself from the universe by wearing shapeless pullovers and hoodies. Besides the fact that I suddenly look much more dangerous and that people give me anxious looks, I also notice that my taste in fashion is changing. Or actually, it decreases to non-existent. And when I was thinking about how terrifying I look during autumn and winter, I started wondering how other girls manage it to look just perfect in big and shapeless pullovers and trousers that are full of holes while I just look as if I spent my nights standing by a bin fire. And I came to the conclusion that it’s the French touch and this funny nonchalance which has the mighty power to make French girls look good even in the simplest clothes, at least, this explanation works with the cliché. At first, this phenomenon came to my attention during my time at university. There was this girl who went to the same classes, and who was always wearing outfits that looked somehow neglected but still charming. If I had to find a famous person to who this girl could have been compared, I would say Kate Moss when she was with Pete Doherty. Boots and skinny jeans, a loose t-shirt, out-of bed hair and this fascinating allure. Funnily, this girl wasn’t even aware of having a very characteristic style and when I complimented her on her outfit, she just frowned, laughed and then said “Oh what, this? This is my sleep-t-shirt”. And what’s even funnier is that she would just put that same allure to any other outfit, and in this case, that is something very charming. Because even when she dressed up for a night out, there was still this hint of indifference which made her outfits look chic but casual and cool. She is half French, by the way. And when I came to Paris, I found out very quickly that this kind of chic negligence Is a real thing here, even though I haven’t met any girl who embodied it as perfectly as my former fellow student did.
In order to make you believe that all I just said is true at that the kind of style I just described really exists, I would like to share a photo which I took not too long ago. I really have to apologize for its bad quality, I took it in an H&M store and I think that any girl, who has ever tried some trousers on there, knows how terrible the classical H&M lights are. And what’s not very flattering for your body can’t have a much better effect on a photo. Anyway, I hope that you will still be able to see why I absolutely had to take the picture. But just to stress it: I love how easy this outfit looks, but still, it’s far from neglect. I also like the Pikachu print and the black boots which make the outfit interesting.