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Today, I would like to talk about some more fantastic music which recently attracted my attention. It’s music written Michael Sanders or Mikey Maramag (you will find both names circulating in the internet, and both are related to the artist), an artist from California who is better known under the pseudonym Blackbird Blackbird.
By the way, it’s quite hard to find out much about his background. But still, here are a few pieces of information which can be figured from different websites:
Blackbird Blackbird’s first album Summer Heart was released in September 2010. Compared to his latest work, this album is much calmer and in my opinion it also sounds a little darker. Anyway, it’s very good electronic music, which can also be related to many other genres, from pop to chillwave. And that is what I especially like about Blackbird Blackbird’s music: it’s a mix of very different styles. Above all, it’s anything else but boring. Sometimes, it has a slight bitter sweet touch, which makes it  for me exactly the kind of music I want to listen to at the end of summer, when I’m looking back at all the events that took place and all the funny moments I’ve had. The two titles, which I definitely see as post summer music and which made me immediately fall in love, are It’s A War and All. They are both on the EP Boracay Planet which was released in October 2012.

And here are the video clips of the songs I like the most:

If you want to get some further information on Blackbird Blackbird, I recommend you to have a look at his official homepage or his Facebook Page, where you will also find many links to other websites. For more music you should definitely visit his profile on Soundcloud.


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dubstep & other genres

Before I will post more of the Paris Fashion Week circus, again, I would like to give you something fresh and unexpected for your chill out nights. Maybe some of you already know the artist I will present in the following. Around one year ago, you could hear his single Right Thing To Do featuring Jesse Ware all the time on Radio Nova. I’m talking about the British DJ and musician Aaron Jerome alias SBTRKT.
The first time I heard his music was, as I mentioned, on Radio Nova. But I can’t even say that I got addicted to his music immediately. You know, sometimes you don’t really have an opinion on some kind of music until the day where you hear a song for the umpteenth time and you suddenly notice that this song actually is really catchy. And from then on, it’s stuck in your head. This was the way I fell in love with SBTRKT’s music.

But at that time, I unfortunately wasn’t able to find out more about him, because funnily, his name was never mentioned on the radio. Or if it was, then I wasn’t able to get it because of the lovely French accent. Anyway, it is thanks to a pure coincidence that I listened to his self-titled album, which also includes the single Right Thing To Do, that I finally had the chance to finally know his name and also listen to more of SBTRKT’s music, which is a pleasant mix of Electronica, dubstep, soul and many other genres.
I hope, this article got you intrigued. If so and especially if not, you should check out the following links:

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