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Mikhael Paskalev

While you’re waiting for the latest streetstyle pictures (which will come up soon), I have some great music for you. The guy I will present is one of my favourite artists, if not even my favourite. His name is Mikhael Paskalev, and his career as a musician immediately took off when he released his first platinum winning single I Spy, for which Paskalev also won Norway’s national award for Best Unsigned Act in 2012. It’s been a while since I listened to the song for the very first time and since I watched the clip, but I’m still addicted to it. And it’s a perfect remedy against the bad mood a Parisian summer can cause (to be precise, Parisian summer is a synonym for pouring rain). Mikhael Paskalev’s second and already very popular single Jive Babe is not less addictive, and every time I listen to it, I want to go on a road trip really bad and drive a Red Ford Mustang Convertible. The clip to this song is inspired by Tarantino and Twin Peaks, and I have to admit that it’s a rather strange clip, but still, it has something. And the song is really great, anyway. And since I’m a big fan since I listened to his first track, I’m really happy that Mikhael Paskalev finally released his first album What’s Life Without Losers in February this year.

To give you a first impression of how great Paskalev’s music is, you can find a short list of songs that I personally like most right below:

I Spy
Jive Babe
What’s Life Without Losers
I Saw You Kid (here, Mikhael Paskalev performs together with another talented musician, Jonas Alaska)
Hidden Track (also with Jonas Alaska)